The Hottest Women of Comedy

Funny chicks are on the rise. Attractive funny chicks to be precise. With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (both lookers in their own right) set to host the 2013 Golden Globes, that's more apparent now than ever. Here's a gallery of some of the hottest women working in comedy today. Enjoy.

Allison Williams Her role on HBO's Girls is her first notable acting gig, but you wouldn't know it from watching her.

Anna Faris Hard to believe that the girl who played Cindy in Scary Movie would end up looking like this.

Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie These two Community stars get grouped together, because we couldn't not use this picture.

Isla Fisher Everyone's favorite stage-five clinger.

Amy Poehler From SNL to Parks and Rec, Poehler always delivers the laughs. And she happens to look really good in sixties housewife attire.

Tina Fey She can make Liz Lemon as gross as she wants—there's no hiding the hot chick underneath.

Ellie Kemper Now a regular on The Office, Kemper has come a long way since appearing in K-Mart commercials early in her career.

Kristen Wiig It seems like everything she touches is comedy gold. We're still adjusting to SNL without her.

Mila Kunis Her comedy chops were evident from her earliest appearances on That '70s Show. It doesn't hurt that she's nice to look at.

Christina Applegate She's made us laugh all the way from Married With Children to Anchorman and Up All Night, and as her recent appearance on SNL demonstrates, she hasn't lost a step.

Julie Bowen She had us at Happy Gilmore, but she's even better as the hot mom on Modern Family.

Rashida Jones As Poehler's sidekick on Parks and Rec, Jones is working beside some serious talent. And she rises to the task magnificently.

Natasha Leggero Best known for her standup, Leggero is also a frequent guest on Chelsea Lately. Which brings us to...

Chelsea Hanlder Got to like a girl who can talk some smack.

Nasim Pedrad Probably the funniest (and best looking) of SNL's current female lineup.

Sofia Vergara We love us some Gloria.