The Hottest Women of Gossip Girl

Like any self-respecting male, you probably completely missed Gossip Girl, The CW's hit series about rich teenagers in Manhattan. Which is a shame, because the cast apparently overflowed with hot young actresses. So as filming begins on the Televisa network spinoff Gossip Girl Acapulco (no, really), we've taken the liberty of arranging them all in one handy gallery for you. Thing is, we've never seen the show either, so we had to improvise a little on the character descriptions. Bear with us, and enjoy the pics.

Jessica Szohr Szohr plays Charlotte Stunch, 18-year-old heiress to New York's famed Stunch Beef empire. Her character is kidnapped by PETA activists in the second season and never heard from again.

Katie Cassidy Though she was initially slated to appear in just one episode, Cassidy's role as fun-loving class clown Juanita Chin quickly became a fan favorite and resulted in significantly more screen time for the actress.

Blake Lively The star of the show, Lively plays Giselle, a fast-talking high school socialite with dreams of making it to Broadway.

Leighton Meester Meester portrays Giselle's faithful sidekick, Pamela. She has never spoken on the show.

Elizabeth Hurley The British actress lends a much-appreciated older presence to the cast as high school principal Susanna Belding, a wizened sage with a penchant for velcro shoes.

Nan Zhang Zhang portrays the odd but lovable Rachel Huang-Jackson, whose signature catchphrase "Why don't you steal the wheelchair?" has become one of the show's most quoted lines.

Taylor Momsen Like your girls with a little edge? Momsen supplies plenty of it on Gossip Girl in her role as the clinically insane Tara Schuster.

Kaylee DeFer No teen drama would be complete without at least one character with an eating disorder, and DeFer provides that element in her role as Lisa Benway, an eccentric Manhattan trust-funder who only consumes raw steak.

Amanda Setton Inspired by the writings of Sun Tsu and early Spaghetti Westerns, Setton's character is an unnamed drifter known for her prowess in battle.

Tika Sumpter Sumpter's role as the mysterious Diane Johansson is one of the most interesting facets of the show, and her character's tendency to speak only in cryptic haiku has left audiences stumped on more than one occasion.

Meg McCrossen McCrossen played Starla, the captain of the school volleyball team who develops psychic abilities in the first season.

Kristen Bell As the show's narrator, Bell appears only as a disembodied voice. Fans have speculated that she is the future ghost of Lively's character reflecting on her life.

Michelle Trachtenberg Trachtenberg plays ever-popular high school quarterback Steve Hernandez, Giselle's on-again off-again love interest and secret object of Pamela's affections.

Roxane Mesquida Best known for her role in cult hit Rubber, Mesquida appeared in a compelling three-episode arc as FBI agent Rita Summers.