The Sexy Women of Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez’s action-packed Machete sequel opens this weekend. Danny Trejo, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen… yeah yeah yeah. Let’s cut to what’s really important: all the hot, ass-kicking chicks in the flick. The lineup isn’t limited to the gang led by Sofia Vergara and her, um, high-caliber bra either. Learn—and see—on the following pages…

Sofia Vergara, Madame DesdemonaOn her role: “The character is fantastic for me because it’s something very different from what I’ve been doing. She’s a very strong woman; very crazy, and not very stable. And she’s an assassin. It’s all fun to be in a movie where you get to do action, and shoot guns, and shoot people with your metal bra.”

Vanessa Hudgens, CerezaThe High School Musical star is all grown up now. If you missed her sexy scenes in Spring Breakers, here’s your chance to check her out as Desdemona’s daughter, whose name is Spanish for “Cherry.”

Jessica Alba, SartanaOn her role: “I haven’t played a character this rebellious since Sin City. Being in a hardcore Robert Rodriguez movie gives you a certain kind of street cred, the same way being a part of Spy Kids comes with kid cred. There’s nothing better than seeing Danny Trejo as a superhero.”

Lady Gaga, La Camaleón On her love for the original: “I was a fan of Machete when it came out. It was the first time in a while that I had gone to the movie theater. I went out, and I bought some tequila, and put on my leather jacket, and I watched the film, and I laughed the whole time.” Gaga makes her acting debut in Machete Kills, which features a new single, ”Aura,” from her forthcoming album, ARTPOP.

Amber Heard, Miss San AntonioOn her role: “She’s smart, she’s powerful, she’s in control, she’s a badass in heels, and I like that. She’s the real match for Machete. You get the feeling that she’s going to put up the fight that Machete ultimately deserves.”

Michelle Rodriguez, LuzOn all the female characters in the film: “I think that it’s cool that you can have a girl who is incredible sexy, and meant to be eye candy for the guys, but her attitude has changed. It’s more about, ‘This is what I want, and I’m going to get it no matter what.’ And you see that in Machete Kills. I think the women are going to have a good laugh with this one.”

Emmy Robbin, PrisRobbin, a veteran of earlier Rodriguez films like Planet Terror and Sin City, backs up Desdemona as part of her gang of Manhunters.

Elle LaMont, DollfaceThis Austin-based model and slasher flick vet is another member of the Manhunters. No word yet whether she too rocks a machine gun bra.

Alexa Vega, KilljoyOn her role: “Killjoy’s such a badass, out-there character. I’ve never played anything like her. The outfits are outrageous. It’s definitely pushing it to the next level as far as edginess with my career. But I’m kinda ready for the next step. It definitely shows people I’ve grown up a little bit.”