The World’s 16 Hottest MILFs

Mother’s Day might have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate all the moms in the world. Or at least, all the really sexy ones. So without any more pointless introductory jibber-jabber, let’s all take a nice long look at the 16 hottest MILFs on the planet. Insert your own Oedipus complex joke here!

Jessica Alba She’s a mother. And she’s hot. So she’s on the list. See how this works?

Natalie Portman She has a child with a French ballet dancer. Still counts!

Adriana Lima She has two daughters with ex-Los Angeles Clipper Marko Jaric. Still counts!

Beyoncé You probably didn’t hear, but Beyoncé actually had a child with the rapper Jay-Z.

Marisa Miller The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover babe recently gave birth to a son with her husband, Griffin Guess, a music producer. Who would have guessed?

Shakira In January, the famed Colombian hip-shaker and Voice hottie had a baby boy with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. You might say he scored a goooooaaaaal!

Linda Cardellini Soon after giving birth to her first child last year, Cardellini was back at work, playing Don Draper’s one-millionth love interest on Mad Men. She was a MILF on the show, too.

January Jones Speaking of Mad Men—and TV MILFs—Jones gave birth to a son, Xander, a couple of years ago. Yep: Xander.

Brooke Burke This seriously smokin’ mother of four penned a book called The Naked Mom in 2011. Unfortunately, not as many naked pictures of her in it as you might think.

Bridget Moynahan No offense to Tom Selleck, but she’s the best reason to watch Blue Bloods. Oh, also, yeah: Tom Brady is the biological father of her son, Jack.

Paz Vega Played a great MILF in Spanglish. Plays an actual MILF in real life.

Kate Beckinsale The English actress has been a MILF for more than 13 years. She’s an inspiration to young MILFs everywhere.

Maria Bello Now in her mid-40s, Bello has always come across as a tough, sexy woman and MILF. The only knock on her is that she appeared in Grown Ups.

Padma Lakshmi Cookbook author. Actress. Model. Television host. What are we forgetting? Ah, right. Bona fide MILF.

Morena Baccarin Back in May it was reported that this Brazilian-American stunner and Homeland actress was expecting her first child. Hey, close enough!

Sofia Vergara Bet you thought we forgot her, didn’t ya?