Ask yourself how many times you’ve faced low-battery anxiety. In a perfect world, every smartphone carries infinite battery life. But until the battery gods unleash the secrets to mobile power immortality, portable and wireless chargers remain our best bet. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your iPhone 7 or new Galaxy Note 7, we’ve listed some of the best charging alternatives on the market.

Mophie Powerstation XXL (Mophie, $100): This big boy cuts no corners pumping out 20,000 mAh of juice, offering the capability to charge a smartphone or tablet up to seven times on a full charge. With a durable aluminum finish and three USB ports, this behemoth is more than enough bang for your buck.

 Thinium Recharge (Thinium, $70): Thinium is definitely ahead of the curve with the world’s thinnest two-in-one portable battery and wall charger. The Recharge+ is compatible with all current iPhone models and comes in micro-USB form to accommodate Android charging. Inside lies a 3000 mAH battery, which doubles your smartphone use, along with 2.4A Quick Charge-capability that allows you to simultaneously power your device and the built-in battery at once.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand (Samsung, $70): Cord-cutting is the life. And for mobile users, it’s soon to become a common reality. Samsung leads the movement with its own specialty wireless charger designed to power your latest Galaxy phone, tangle-free. Powered by Qi Charging Technology, the stand features a propped-up design that makes it easier to monitor charging progress, while sitting pretty on your desk or nightstand. 

IKEA Nordmarke (IKEA, $70): Laced with Qi wireless capabilities, this beige beauty blends perfectly with any décor and can charge multiple devices simultaneously, getting them up to three full hours on a single charge. Even if you’re still living in the Stone Age with an archaic phone, the pad supports USB connectivity.


Nomad Leather Charging Wallet (Hello Nomad, $120): The charging wallet is crafted from the finest American Horween Leather and looks as good as it operates. Both the Bi-fold and slim versions come with a 2400 mAh battery and RFID blocking technology to prevent thieves from stealing your personal info. It’s exclusive to iPhone models at the moment, so sorry Android faithful.

Zolt Charger (Go Zolt, $100): The Zolt Charger offers the trifecta of portable charging by blessing users with the option to power three smartphones or PC-enabled laptops concurrently. It’s no bigger than a traditional D battery with a brushed scratch-resistant finish to withstand the abuse you’ll more than likely put it through when hitting the road. Accessories include a six-foot power cord and eight interchangeable laptop power tips.

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 QC (Amazon, $53): The PowerCore takes full advantage of Quick Charge 3.0 output to achieve 80 percent faster charges in 30 minutes. It’s also outfitted with a fire-resistant polycarbonate and a rugged double-layered shell to protect the battery cell from overheating. With a design that is 27 percent lighter than competitors, it’s the perfect traveling companion.

Aukey PB-T5 (Aukey, $35): The Aukey PB-T5 combines’ form with function, squeezing modern features into a sleek, minimalist design. Quick Charge 2.0 technology ramps up charging by 75 percent supporting both Lightning cable and micro-USB devices, making it simpler for iPhone and Android fanboys alike. Built-in safeguards protect your phone from excessive current, overheating and overcharging, too.