This Style Guide Saves You $2,000

It’s come to your attention that your style needs an overhaul. Maybe you finally noticed yourshirts are big in the shoulders. Maybe you realized you haven't even bought a shirt in five years. Or maybe that cute barista complimented you on the one killer item you own, and that was the extra oomph you needed. Whatever the case, it’s spring, renewal is in the air, and you’re ready to start with your clothes. Problem is, a bulletproof wardrobe can cost a small fortune. And your eyes can be bigger than your budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look like a million bucks while spending a whole lot less. Check out this guide, choose wisely, and you can upgrade while saving about two grand. Which, last time we checked, can pay for a whole lot of lattes from that cute barista. —Seth Putnam

Spring blazer You want: “Chicago” blazer by Closed, $449 (left) Go With: "Oak Lawn" blazer by Life after Denim, $135 (right)

Pocket square You want: "Starfish" pocket square by Salvatore Ferragamo, $120 Go with: "Gingham" pocket square by Calibrate, $12.50

Spring Sweater You want: RLX Ralph Lauren Pima Cotton Waffle Hoodie, $128 Go with: Cotton shawl-collar sweater by J.Crew, $24.99

Button-up You want: Multi-check button-down by Band of Outsiders, $233 Go with: No-iron Supima button-down by Lands' End, $37.50

Tie You want: "Skull" striped tie by Alexander McQueen, $195 Go with: Blue-and-orange striped tie by Gap, $29.95

Short-sleeved shirt You want: Floral print shirt by Comme des Garçons, $442 Go with: "Meadowlark" shirt by OBEY, $72

Sunglasses You want: Persols, $360 Go with: "Psychometry" in tortoise by Cheap Monday, $30

Trousers You want: Summer chino by Gant Rugger, $170.10 Go with: Summer chambray chino by Bonobos, $110

Bucks You want: "Sid Buck" suede bucks by John Varvatos, $198 Go with: "Buckingham" navy bucks by Bass, $89

Sneakers You want: Prada Suede Sneaker, $480 You get: PF Flyer Number 5, $65.99