As a now-retired (child) LEGO builder ourselves—so, you know, kind of an expert—we never would have thought that the words “beautiful” and “LEGO” go hand-in-hand. But after a look through Mike Doyle’s stunning (and aptly titled) book Beautiful LEGO…beautiful, LEGOs certainly are. Doyle, a New Jersey-based graphic designer by day and master LEGO sculptor by night, gathered the work of dozens of his fellow “Lego-arian” artists to compile 280 pages of the little plastic building block like you’ve never seen them before. From his own series of eerily dilapidated Victorian homes and jaw-droppingly intricate fantasy cityscape (which graces the book’s cover), to models of Iron Man and old-timey cameras, to tacos and sandwiches, the versatility of subject matter is almost as astonishing as the craftsmanship itself. Interviews with the contributing artists offer insight and context to the pieces, as well as a brief history of how each person took their LEGOs that step beyond mere toy to work of art.