UFC Babe Brittney Palmer Hits Big

Brittney Palmer is more than just your average gorgeous UFC ring card girl next door. Yes, she looks fantastic in a bikini top and hot pants uniform. And yes, she’s gracing the pages of the newest Playboy. But she also happens to be one of the sexiest pop artists we’ve ever seen (see some of her work at brittneypalmer.com). Naturally, we asked our latest Made Babe about MMA, Twitter and winning her over. And, since she’s big on visuals, we’ve paired each question with a smoldering Britt pic. Hope you don’t mind…

MADE MAN: If a guy wants to date a ring card girl, what can he do to win your heart? BRITTANY PALMER: I’m big on personality, so being funny and interesting is really important. And if he is passionate about his creativity, that means more than anything. I’m an artist so it would be wonderful to share that with someone. I am definitely attracted more to artists, it seems!

MM: Do you think watching an MMA match would make for a great date night? BP: Definitely! I’ve been a UFC fan for five years now. I would absolutely recommend guys asking a girl out to watch the action! It’s so exciting and then afterwards, you can talk about the fights.

MM: Have you learned any mixed martial arts yourself? BP: Yeah, I train in muay Thai and jujitsu. I have a muay Thai coach in Los Angeles. I love it!

MM: Got an MMA tip for us? BP: Just do it! So many people say they want to learn but then never follow through, or they take a lesson or two and then stop. That’s really the most important advice I can give.

MM: You have an amazing Twitter following. Do you think social networking is a good way to date? BP: I think it’s good for other people but not so much for me. I think school or an art gallery is a better place for potential dates.

MM: What’s a good gift for a first date? BP: Something that isn’t typical. Flowers are nice, but it’s expected. Something different!

MM: What’s the most romantic gesture a guy could ever do for you? BP: I think the guy should take some time to get to know me. Like I said, I am an artist—I do iconic rock portraits. If he wanted to frame one of my paintings, I would think that is really sweet. Or researching something that had to do with art would be nice, too.

MM: Got some dating dos and don’ts? BP: Dating don’ts: Let the girl pay. Play hard to get on the first date and talk about your exes! Dating dos: Always text her after you drop her off—this shows you care. Take her somewhere she hasn’t been before—that will surprise her!