Paige VanZant is easily one of the hottest chicks in UFC, but that doesn’t mean she has a lot of friends in the industry right now. The 23-year-old blonde just pissed off her fellow UFC fighters after she posted what some have called “racy” videos online, and honestly, we aren’t sure why they give a f**k about what she puts on social media anyway. Here’s what happened…

1. All of the drama started when VanZant posted several sexy videos on social media to promote her new Reebok clothing line, “Black and White.”

2. In the clips, she teased her followers by pulling up her white shirt to show off her toned stomach and speaking seductively as she chatted about how much she loves the clothes. 

3. Her fellow fighters quickly jumped on social media to criticize her. Angela Hill implied the videos were reminiscent of a sex ad. MMA fighter Lauren Murphy replied, “I thought this was fake. I thought this was a fake ad.” UFC fight Jeremy Kennedy expressed shock as well, tweeting, “What the hell did I just watch?”

4. Her fans had her back, though. One responded to the hate by saying, “Oh no, Paige Vanzant did a sexy video let’s all have a s**t fit about it and then watch Felice Herrig do the same thing and say nothing.” Another fan posted, “they just want what you got darlin’, don’t pay em no mind.”

5. The videos have since been deleted, but not before they were captured on YouTube. She did leave up several images promoting the line on her Instagram account.

6. This isn’t the only thing VanZant has done outside of the ring lately. She just inked a book deal in February, too. We know who’d we be spilling the tea about in that bad boy if we were her…

Photos: Instagram