We’re all for celebrating Valentine’s Day, but let’s be honest: It’s a Hallmark holiday—there’s no need to go overboard. Show your love for that lucky lady in your life without digging too deep in your pockets with these 10 sure-to-please gifts under $100.

Happy Plugs In-Ear Rose Gold Headphones ($35): The perfect gift for the girl who wants to set herself apart from the white-headphone-wearing masses, especially when paired with the matching charging cable. After all, rose gold is very of-the-moment right now (see: the latest iPhone color).

This is Ground Sweetheart Cord Tacos ($12 each or 5 for $40): If she seems attached to those white headphones (or you want to accompany the new rose-gold ones with a little something else), opt for these lovey-dovey cord tacos that are equally romantic and functional.

Brooke Kanani OCEARCH Lydia Shark Fin Pendant ($75): Not only does this hand-made shark fin pendant have an undeniable cool factor, but 20 percent of the proceeds from your purchase will go to the non-profit, OCEARCH, so you can both feel great about it.

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat ($68): If all she can talk about is Class Pass, or yoga is practically a religion to her, chances are she’ll love one of these bold (and eco-friendly!) mat-and-towel-in-one yoga mats, that put those solid colored ones to shame.

Julie Nolan Constellation Brass Locket ($75): As far as we’re concerned, birth month constellations are way cooler than zodiac symbols and birthstones. Case in point: This chic locket.

Catbird Cat Eye Mask ($24): If she’s a cat lover who cherishes sleep as much as (or more) than she cherishes you, then this silky eye mask is basically a no brainer.

Etsy Compass Coordinate Cuff Bracelet ($78+): Order a personalized bracelet with the compass coordinates of where you met (or where you got engaged, married, had your first date…), and you’ll have your heart forever. (Don’t worry: The Etsy shop will figure out the coordinates; you just need the address.)

Vint & York Jazz Age Square Sunglasses ($89): For the style-obsessed girl who can never have too many sunnies—these ones have a somewhat “badass” vibe that will be a much-loved addition to her collection.

Judith Jack Semiprecious Stone Ear Crawlers ($88): Trendy, elegant, and versatile all at once: You really can’t go wrong with these.

Anthropologie Radial Jewelry Stand ($68): Just gifted her jewelry over the holidays (or for the past who-knows-how-many birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries)? Then it’s the perfect time to get her a quality, stylish stand for all the goods.