What You Can Learn From Her Outfit

As a woman, I can assure you that the clothing we choose says a lot about what we’re like. But to delve a little deeper into what you can deduce from the threads a lady’s rockin’, we enlisted the expertise of Jennifer Baumgartner, Psy.D., author of You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You. So before you approach another well-dressed beauty, look, read and learn.

“If she's wearing a dressy tank and shorts like Nina Dobrev, she is able to take simple casual pieces to the next level. A short, tank and heels sound simple, but in fancy fabrics, patterns and cuts, the outfit becomes appropriate for a night out on the town. She may be able to add a level of sophistication to other things in her life and yours.”

“If she is wearing a simple jean and an embellished sweater like Hillary Duff, she knows how to add spice to the girl next door look. This may be the woman who appreciates the unexpected. She’s wearing red, which is the color often associated with love, sexuality and passion. The woman who wears this color may feel comfortable attracting attention from an equally passionate person.”

“If she is wearing a short suit with bright pieces like Kim Kardashian, she has found the balance between conservative workwear and trendy accessories to create an updated ensemble. She not only plays with classic and trendy pieces, but mixes the masculine and feminine and neutrals and neons. She may enjoy extremes in her life or is able to find a perfect balance between them... the mystery is yours to solve.”

“If she is wearing a classic dress like Emma Stone, she enjoys vintage-inspired looks. Her preference for Hollywood glamour may include a romantic dinner, dancing and a show. Her preference for tradition may require that you put your most chivalric foot forward.”

“If she is wearing leather and ripped tie-dye like Mila Kunis, she is not afraid to take risks with her wardrobe. Paradoxically, she is able to use pieces often associated with masculinity to strategically enhance her female sexuality. Her rocker ensemble may indicate a love of adventure and life on the edge.”

“If she is wearing a draped patterned dress like Natalie Portman, she may see her body as the blank canvas to display her wearable art. She is not afraid to try more avant-garde styles and may even dabble in couture. If this woman is anything like her wardrobe, she enjoys the creative process and examining old concepts in a new way.”

“Polka dots, animal prints, and color, that’s what Nicki Minaj is made of! If your woman wears an equally wild wardrobe, she enjoys variety, vivacity and sensory stimulation. This look also conveys a youthful spirit, but just make sure that her somewhat juvenile wardrobe does not have a matching level of maturity.”