Yaya Han, the Queen of Cosplay

“Other people collect figures... I dress up as them!” So says Yaya Han, the world’s sweetest cosplay model, a deadly combination of gorgeousness, creativity and fun. She started attending anime conventions in self-made costumes in 1999. By 2005 she had quit her job and was making costumes full time. These days she’s dressed in some sexy costume or another every weekend. “The best thing about costuming is definitely the creative process,” she explains. “Nothing beats wearing a finished outfit that you put together from scratch.” A lot of you might be wondering how you approach a lady as lovely as Yaya when she’s in costume. So we asked. “Many guys see a girl in a sexy costume as an open invitation to flirt,” she observes. “I suppose that is OK, but you gotta be respectful and clever.” What about channeling Han Solo? Will that get you a date with a Slave Leia? “Dressing up as Han will get you a photo next to every Slave Leia at the venue for sure, but it’s up to the guy to win us over. In everything, be your best self and remember that we girls are real people, not just sex objects. No matter now yummy we may look.” Good advice. In honor of Halloween, think about that while checking out some of Yaya’s favorite creations, along with her thoughts on each.

Space Girl: "My Ode to Barbarella and retro sci-fi movies! The costume was easy enough to make, but climbing Red Rock Canyon in those heels was a challenge!"

Slave Leia (Star Wars): "I was asked to model for Leia’s Metal Bikini at San Diego Comic Con. As a huge Star Wars geek, posing in character with Jabba The Hut was the coolest thing ever! Also, all men fantasize about Slave Leia. It’s a fact."

Felicia (Dark Stalkers): "This is my most popular costume! I had a blast making the costume (building big paws and giant wig) and I've been the official Felicia for multiple Capcom Fight Club events."

Electra (Daredevil): "This was probably the easiest costume I ever made, but so much fun to pose in! I also did the Zombie version once."

Anck Su Namun (The Mummy): "OMG this outfit! It took two people and six hours to paint me (yup, it's all bodypaint) and I made all the jewelry, hair beading and accessories in 10 hours. The Mummy is one of my favorite movies and I wanted to do this for years!"

The Baroness (GI Joe): "My childhood nostalgia costume. Armor gifted to me by Pit Viper Studios, but I made the rest of it! I've always loved the Baroness for wearing glasses and toting guns."

Wonder Woman: "I made this outfit based on the Ame-Comi statues line by DC Comics. At NYCC not only did I get lots of hugs from little girls also dressed as Wonder Woman, I also did photos at the DC booth with the designer of the figure, Jim Fletcher! It's really awesome when creators see and appreciate your efforts."

Black Cat (Spider-Man): "This is probably one of the most well-designed comic book characters in history! I love the black/white color contrast. I opted for latex for the ultra painted on shiny look and the mask is silicone."

Chrsitie (Dead or Alive): "I love the DoA video games! Everyone asks me where to buy this dominatrix suit but I had to make it from scratch in order to be accurate. How Christie could fight in this get-up in real life is beyond me, though."

Catwoman (Batman): "My favorite character! It feels fun and empowering to be dressed as Catwoman and the goggles are my favorite part. I based this costume off of Adam Hughes' Catwoman comic book covers." See more of Yaya’s costumes at yayahan.com.