Emma Watson is the beautiful actress that made her debut as a child star with the role of “Hermoine” in the Harry Potter series. Unlike many other child actresses instead of becoming a trashed train wreck Emma Watson has done quite well for herself and has had a series of other roles aside from the “brightest witch of her age.” Emma Watson has a very unique look with her poignant beauty, thin curvaceous form and sparkling smile. Even though Ms. Watson’s beauty is in fact very unique in this article we’ll take a look at some of the women who look a little bit like her.

Keira Knightly: Keira Knightly is the British actress most famous for her role as Elizabeth Swan in the series “Pirates of the Caribbean” where she plays a governess daughter who slowly turns pirate only to become the leader of all of them by the series conclusion. One of Keira Knightly’s less known roles was the American bounty hunter Domino Harvey in the movie “Domino” which actually happens to be loosely based on a true story. Keira Knightley and Emma Watson although very different have very similar facial structures and an incredibly similar smile.

Natalie Portman: Natalie Portman is known for a myriad of roles one of the most recent being Jane Foster, the love interest of Marvel’s own thunder god Thor. Her small frame in comparison to the ever larger Chris Hemsworth added quite a bit of juxtaposition to his already enormous size. Another notable role Ms. Portman played was Eevee, the woman whose eyes were opened to the government conspiracy in the movie “V for Vendetta.” Emma Watson and Natalie Portman have very similar stature and a very similar body type both of them being short and thin but still curvy.

Lana Del Ray: Landa Del Ray is a singer and song writer born in the good old United States. Most recently Lana Del Ray contributed her musical stylings to Leonardo Decaprio’s recreation of the “great americanclassic” known as the “Great Gatsby.” Her musical stylings which fall somewhere between a ghetto rap album and Frank Sinatra were a perfect combination decadence that’s supposed to come across in the movie. As of right now this American beauty has two albums available. One is called “Born to Die” with the other being “Paradise.” Lana Del Ray and Emma Watson rarely have a similar appearance but the way their hair falls into their face and shapes it is incredibly similar. When compared side by side with the same hair styles the resemblance is uncanny.