Zooey Deschanel Is Single Again (PHOTOS)

Guys with a thing for aggressively twee alternative girls rejoice—Zooey Deschanel and husband Ben Gibbard are splitsville. For those not in the know, Gibbard is the mastermind behind Death Cab For Cutie, the band that basically meant “Go ahead and sleep with my girlfriend” back in college. Some lucky guy is going to land himself a real-life manic pixie dream girl once the dust settles on this one. While you’re waiting for your chance to meet Zooey and win her over, here are her hottest pictures, along with some trivia to help familiarize yourself with her. This should keep you busy while you shop for a ring.

Zooey’s great-grandfather was former French President Paul Deschanel.

Good luck wining and dining this chick—she’s allergic to wheat, soy, eggs and dairy.

Zooey went to high school in Santa Monica, California, where she was friends with Kate Hudson and Jake Gyllenhall.

Everyone has something they collect. For Zooey, it’s bathrobes and oversized sunglasses.

Like many successful performers, Zooey briefly attended college before dropping out to pursue her dreams.

Leave your pets outside if you bring her home. She’s also allergic to cats and dogs.

Zooey has said many times that she prefers singing to acting. In 2008, she and folk artist M. Ward formed the musical duo She and Him.

Zooey is named after the (male) protagonist of J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey.

She owns an entertainment website geared toward women called Hello Giggles.

She didn’t have a boyfriend until she was 18.