What to eat, what to drink, and an awesome TV to round out the experience.


1. Make an amazing appetizer.
Game Day means nachos, and don’t go halfway: Our Beer Chili Cheese Nachos with Tequila Guacamole are simple to make but don’t taste that way: They’re sharp, spicy and hearty with just the right amount of boozy kick. If you make enough, you could make ’em a meal. See the full recipe here.

2. Mix the best beer cocktail.
The Black and Tan is a classic beer-on-beer combo that’s been a staple in British pubs for more than a century. The drink layers a stout or porter on top of a light lager or ale. Beertenders usually make ’em with a Bass Lager base, finished with Guinness Draught. The key is making sure the layers stay layered. The trick: Lay an upside-down spoon across the top of the pint glass, and pour the beer over the rounded spoon. You want the beers to mix in your belly, not the glass.

3. Craft the ultimate sandwich.
Tyler Kord, the man behind NYC’s premier sandwich shop No. 7 Sub, showed us how to make the earthshaking Dagwood. With ham, turkey, bacon, BBQ potato chips, Swiss cheese and fresh mozzarella, it’s a crowd-pleaser that tastes artisanal. Get the step-by-step here.

4. Get the perfect TV.
This sweet 55-inch LG TV has an 2160p LED screen, an ultra HD picture with 3-D, and built-in wi-fi and smart apps—if you’re restless, you can Skype during the game, then jump on Netflix afterward. Check it out on bestbuy.com.