I have been playing this game. I wanted to see how many posts it took to get dugg. Most of you know digg.com. It’s the site where if others like the news they “digg” it and get votes. The more you get, the more it rises to the top. I tried different kinds of articles, different topics. I admit I didn’t go about it the right way. I didn’t use the site for what it’s for but I love challenges and this was a challenge for me. I mentioned a digg circle and got blasted for it by many on digg (Ugly said he was up for it though) Most said exactly what I have always known, write good articles and eventually they will come. Well guess what… one digg circle plus a better titled old story and now 1875 and counting diggs. Guess I am better than I thought. Again this was a game and I’ll get back to normal old posting and I’ll start using digg for it designed purpose. I did prove a point. I can abuse the system to get thousands of readers for free, not the kind of users I want, but eyeballs. It also builds hundreds if not thousands of links to my site. I alone in one day added 265 and counting links to the site. All because of one recycled, newly titled article. I have been laughing all night because of all the negative comments on how old the story was and how I was a spammer. Why I laugh is because it is the 3rd most read article of the day and I will have had 2000 diggs. Imagine if I ever decide to put something original up.