A study by cognitive scientists out of the University of Rochester recently pitted action gamers against puzzle gamers and found out, surprise, that the action gamers are significantly faster at making decisions. The interesting part about the study, though, is that they don’t lost any accuracy whatsoever when they’re making those snap decisions. 

The study went down like this: dozens of 18 to 25 year olds were split into two groups. One group was made to play action-oriented games like “Call of Dugy” and “Unreal Tournmanet” for 50 hours, the other was made to play strategy and puzzle games like “The Sims 2” for that same amount of time. After, each group was tested by asking them to perform specific tasks (such as identifying a group of randomly moving dots and the direction they’re heading) and timing their responses. 

The run and gun gamers scored just as well as the puzzle guys, but the thing is they did it 25% faster. It’s probabilistic inference. It’s a process by which your brain is constantly making small observations – visual and auditory – and generating a sense of awareness based on those. For people that have to be constantly on the lookout for a sni—

You get the idea. So keep on gaming, guy.