I can’t believe how many damn cars are parked in the driveway of houses while boxes and shit are piled up in their garages. They have to go out on a cold morning and start up their cars and scrape the ice off the windshield. If they lived in an apartment or a place without a garage I would feel sorry for them but many of them have a three car garage and most a two. How much junk do people have? Rent a storage unit or have a garage sale. Better yet, have a “Buy my shit so I can park in my own garage sale” My neighbor has a 2600 square foot house with a 1500 square foot basement and they can’t park but one car in it because the boxes are piled so high in the garage. They’ve lived there almost 2 years. If this was the only one I would just make fun of them and leave it to laziness (he has put on 40 pounds since he moved in) but it is all over town. It has nothing to do with size of house, income of owners, or skin color. It is a non-demonational problem. This is going to be my new source of income. For $1000 I’ll organize your stuff and get your garage back.