Does it count as road head if you make a sex on the beach with this? This 2 stroke, 43cc engine is the same engine that is used to drill post holes for road signs, fences, and even earthquake earth augers. Now, you can use it to make some super smooth pina coladas.

The On The Edge Powered party Blender literally runs on gasoline and is controlled with twist-grip throttle handlbars – just like on a motorcycle. Drinking and driving on this machine, though, is exactly what you ought to be doing.

The pitcher is stainless steel and 85 fl oz (typical blender pitchers are about 50 oz). It doesn’t have different speeds with a sissy little dial to set it to “ice crush” or “puree.” Just twist the throttle as hard as you want to and let it rode, bro. Buy it here for $230.

• Gas powered 2 stroke 43 cc variable speed engine
• Durable polyurethane coating
• Stainless steel pitcher
• Perfect for tailgating, camping or a day at the beach
• Guaranteed to make you the center of attention and attract new friends
• Dimensions: 25”W (with handles) & 13”W (base) x 26”H x 13”D
• Capacity: 85 fl oz