In what must be the most outrageous and surprisingly event in the timeline of high-gas prices, Diddy has revealed in his most recent video blog that he is stuck riding the commercial airlines.

Mr. Bad Boy Records himself can no longer afford to fly his own private jet from New York to LA more than twice a month.

Prepare to be overcome with sympathy: [He drops a few F-bombs, so I will deem this NSFW]

Despite his shout out to all his Saudi Arabian and "other countries that have oil" brothers and sisters out there, Diddy is now officially flying commercial.

And although he says he’s "flying coach" at the end of the video, it looks an awful lot like first class, so I’m not sure what to make of that. Those big dark leather seats at the front of the plane have got to be first class, right?

Clusterstock: OK, Now Gas Prices Are Too High: Diddy Flies Commercial, August 25, 2008