Arianne Prevost is a 23-year old blonde. She likes hanging out with her family, she works at Long Dogger’s hot dogs in Satellite Beach, Florida. She also recently killed a 450 pound alligator with a crossbow. Ya know. Like ya do.

The 11-foot gator had to be shot “several times” with a crossbow which means that Prevost was not only calm enough to fire a bolt through something 4 times her size, but to reload and do it over and over again (that’s what she said). Guided by Capt. Peter Deeks (awesome name), Prevost was actually on her very first gator hunting trip ever.

Don’t get too excited, though, fellas. Prevosts boyfriend, Robert Rohmann, is also a hunter. And the reason she missed last year’s gator hunt? She was pregnant. Man, the good ones are always taken!

photo courtesy of Florida Today