Last time I checked male gay couples had much better income than straight couples. In an effort to appeal to all walks of life I would like to point out the GFN, the Gay Financial Network. I don’t think your sexuality matters when it comes to money but everyone wants to be comfortable with their financial planner. One note of interest, the chairman of GFN is Walter Schubert, the first openly gay trader at the NYSE. If you haven’t been on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, there is no bigger machismo place in the world and it takes a very confident trader to come out in that surrounding. I really have never thought of why gay couples would need any different advice that my wife and I and then I read a bit of the site. Laws in the United States actually make it more important to have a financial planner. The government doesn’t recognize gay marriage and therefore inheritance and “by marriage” doesn’t apply. Whether I believe in gay marriage doesn’t matter, what matters is everyone takes care of their finances, and if working with gay financial advisors works for you check out the GFN.