Flip has this huge market share of the handheld camcorder game because they’re so simple that grandma can use it. You just push a gigantic red button, and plug the one and only plug into your computer, and you’re pretty much set to jet. While other cameras offer a bigger, tastier cornucopia of features, the Flip continues to kill it. Well GE is taking a very legitimate

The new GE DV1 HD flip cam is not only capable of capturing 1080p video, like the Flip, but it has an SD card slot for storage (unlike the Flip), and HDMI out jack, a 2.5-inch rear display and an integrated USB connector (in addition to HDMI). There’s no price yet, but since it’s an obvious affront to the Flip, you can expect it to be comparable. It’ll come in three colors – orange, gray or green.  via Tech Digest