Let’s forget politics for a second. Phew. OK. The map above projects what the 2016 election would look like right now if women didn’t vote. Crazy, right? Instead of kindly old ladies checking your address at the polls and a teacher bringing her daughter into the voting booth to show her what democracy looks like, we’d have something straight out of Tammany Hall.

Ugh. The stench of that many balls in the same room.

Meanwhile, the map below shows projections for each state if only women could vote. How weird is this? If only men voted, Michigan would go red. If just women? blue. Also, the likely-voting population tends to be married people ages 30 and above. So how many households in Michigan are full of couples that can’t watch the news together? No wonder those November nights in Michigan are so cold.


One party is currently hemorrhaging educated women, even though some of them have daughters, wives and mothers (they seem to have recently discovered). Maine’s almost meaningless 4 electoral votes would be split. But you could get down both coasts and across this great land of ours without leaving a blue state if only women voted. Men? Those Maine voters would be isolated with their Trumplike governor. The east and west coasts would be incapable of communicating with each other.

It’s astonishing how much this does and does not reflect on the level of education in each state. Poorly educated states (I’ll just say) would see little change. Men and women in West Virginia, Louisiana and Alabama would see no change. But educated states like Colorado and Virginia with strong public universities would look a lot different if only one gender could vote.


Now, I promised we’d stay out of politics. And we will. I won’t mention how one candidate threatened to put women in jail for having abortions. Or the obvious gender disparity between the two parties. 

Let’s focus on something else entirely: As this map demonstrates, women often have an entirely different perspective when asked to weigh in. As a business owner I want to say: I value that perspective more than I value having another male voice in the echo chamber.

Simply put, it’s not about having educated women in your state. It’s about whether those women can keep you from doing something stupid.

If we think of our country as hardware and our government as software, then we have some feedback. We’re not trying to be the one who was right, we’re trying to provide the best service to our users. So if Bush is America 2.000, Obama 2.008 then we have a chance to decide what operating system we use for America 2.016.

But more importantly: How many times in your life were you about to do something really stupid because you were with your boys? How many times has a woman helped you keep a cooler head? There’s groupthink, the Bay of Pigs and Billy Bush on the bus. The endpoint is you embarrassing yourself to prove something.

Now think of how many years our Senate ran this way. The “12 Angry Men” juries that wrongfully convicted millions of people. Then take a look at your work life: Does the conference room have an air of Tammany Hall after most management meetings?

Businesses and democracies both thrive on information. So let’s make sure we are taking in the best information we can.

Also: What the hell kind of country elects a celebrity landlord?

Sorry! My girlfriend was reading over my shoulder.