genevieve morton

That’s just one of many dating notes we picked up from this no-nonsense beauty.

We recently had the pleasure of hanging out with Genevieve Morton, who has modeled for Sports Illustrated an impressive six times. The South Africa native is the full package: brains, beauty and humor. And she loves pushing the envelope, as evidenced by her Funny Or Offensive video and the Cheeki Undies ad at the bottom of this page. So we asked her about social media and dating and douchey behavior, of course…

“Hotness hasn’t got anything to do with what country you come from, sorry to tell you! You can be an asshole from anywhere as easily as you can be amazing.”

You have 300,000 Instagram followers. Any tips on how we can increase ours?
It depends what you’re trying to put out there. I definitely know what turns me off on social media and that is endless pictures of the last awesome party or drinks evening you had. It’s lame—get some interests and post about that!

What’s one thing no one knows about you?
I am very catlike in the way that I do things. Not just physically, but in my personality too—my close friends always say that cats are my spirit animal. I am fine with it too because I love to nap and like cats.

What kinds of qualities do you like to see in a guy?
This kind of thing has changed over the years for me and I have come to appreciate people who are kind and caring and who treat women with respect.

Do you want your guy to be funny too?
You have to be able to have a laugh with your guy, otherwise what’s the point really? Sometimes people don’t really get my humor, so if my guy does that’s a plus—or they have to just go with it!

What turns you on?
I like guys who who take care of themselves and their health. It shows me that they have discipline and self-respect.

What turns you off?
I don’t like guys who brag about the stuff they have; it comes across as shallow. Also I get turned off by men who limit themselves. I dated a guy who spent every date talking about how much he hated social media. [But] he claimed not to have any social media accounts, [so] I wondered how then he was able to hate it so much??

As a swimsuit superstar, what kind of swimwear do you like to see on a guy?
I don’t really think about that kind of thing to be honest. The guy should do what he wants, I’m not his mom.

Who’s hotter: South African or American guys?
Hotness hasn’t got anything to do with what country you come from, sorry to tell you! You can be an asshole from anywhere as easily as you can be amazing.

What are you doing to stay in shape?
I started doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, I go about five days a week. The workouts are normally a short warm-up and then four or five stations of about five to seven minutes each. Every day is different and that’s what makes it interesting. I made it part of my daily routine.

If a guy works out at the beach, is that sexy or douchey?
If someone’s “workout” is on the beach or at a hiking trail, I would hazard a guess it’s more about the picture and less about the workout.