Three weeks left to soak it up! Commence planning immediately.

1. FILM: Jupiter Ascending
The Wachowskis must be fans of Cinderella. In The Matrix, Keanu Reeves begins as a programming drone before discovering he’s ‘The One.’ In their new sci-fi film, the duo returns to type, as Mila Kunis goes from scrubbing floors to space royalty. Advance reviews suggest the story’s pretty good, but the stunning visuals make a trip to the theatre worth your while. Opens Feb 6th,

2. TV: Better Call Saul
Spin-offs are a risky proposition, but our hopes are high—like, Blue Sky meth high—for this show about Breaking Bad’s shady lawyer. BB creator Vince Gilligan and producer Peter Gould are helming the show, and Bob Odenkirk is a seasoned pro who has the chops to make this thing fly. Premieres Feb 8 on AMC,

3. NETFLIX: House of Cards Season 3
Kevin Spacey’s ominous double ring-tap at the end of Season 2 is still echoing in our ears. Murderous sociopath becomes President? It’s not going to end well, but it should be a wild, Machiavellian ride. The series is released in one go on a Friday—tell your boss you’re sick, although it’s likely he or she will also be at home feigning illness. Premieres Feb 27,

4. DVD: The Theory of Everything
Face it, you will never finish Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. We certainly won’t. (We think Hawking called it “Brief” just to mock the rest of us.) Instead, watch Oscar-nominated Eddie Redmayne’s incredible performance at home, because it’s not like you need the full cinematic experience to appreciate this overcoming-the-odds love story. Released Feb 17,

5. ALBUM: Dan Deacon, Gliss Riffer
The Baltimore composer’s last couple of albums have seen him record with plenty of people and plenty of live instruments, but on Glass Riffer, he’s returning to the self-produced style of his breakthrough debut. Check out the catchy electronica of new single ‘Feel the Lightning’ and book for one of his reliably high-energy shows at the end of February. Released Feb 24 on Domino,

6. MUSIC TOUR: Sleater-Kinney
Call it one hell of a comeback. The trailblazing three-piece returned after almost a decade’s hiatus with a rocking album, No Cities to Love. If we didn’t know better (solo records, Wild Flag, Portlandia) we would think the trio have been resting up to handle this epic 47-date swing through North America and Europe. Feb 8-May 29,

7. PLAY: Fish in the Dark
There are only so many times you can rewatch Curb Your Enthusiasm. OK, that’s not true, but for a fresh dose of Larry David you’ll have to visit New York to see this new Broadway play, written by and starring the loveable grouch. In previews now,

8. FICTION: Lucky Alan by Jonathan Lethem
The revered author’s collection of short stories promises more of his beguiling mix of the strange and familiar. The title story is set in Manhattan, and Lethem always nails the characterization of New York. Other intriguing premises include a nervous breakdown at SeaWorld, “a hapless, horny outsider summoning bravado” and comic book characters on a desert island. A Marvel Lord of the Flies? Unlikely, it’ll be better than that, we’re sure. On sale Feb 24,

9. NON-FICTION: A Kim Jong-Il Production by Paul Fischer
After reading the synopsis, you may be forgiven for thinking this book belongs in the fiction section, but this ludicrous story is true. Before becoming Supreme Leader of North Korea, the dictator-in-waiting liked to make films, and in a quest to produce Hollywood-beating movies he decided to abduct South Korea’s most famous actress, Madam Choi, and her ex-husband, a lauded director. Fischer charts the pair’s travails and eventual escape. We expect Macmillan to be hacked any day now. Out now,

10. FESTIVAL: Fur Rondy
Spain may have the Running of the Bulls, but Alaska can boast the far less dangerous Running of the Reindeer, an open-to-all highlight of this 10-day winter festival in Anchorage. Other wacky races include porta-potties on skis being pushed through town, but things get serious when the World Championship Sled Dog Races get going. Feb 27-Mar 8,