Chances are, Rhea (pronounced “Ray”) Seehorn first caught your attention a year ago, when she popped up as foxy lawyer/Bob Odenkirk paramour Kim Wexler on the fantastic Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. But the truth is, Seehorn’s been performing for decades, from dancing in Japanese festivals as a child to stage acting in DC and New York to countless TV roles out west. She’s moved around a lot, so when we caught up with her on the set of Speakeasy, we asked for thoughts and travel tips about seven cool places. Read, learn, enjoy!

Yuma, Arizona
I loved Yuma. My family would go out to the canyons on the weekend and even as a kid you’re aware of, like, what’s this other world, the deserts and the sunsets and just the beautiful landscapes. And there’s kind of an easiness and a very real “being present in your life.” You feel like there’s a clarity. It might just be visual, but it feels like other senses as well.

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Have you ever had Old Bay seasoning? There’s no other way to do crabs in my opinion. My dad used to steam them in Budweiser beer because the bitterness makes the sweetness in crab meat come out, right? Blue crab is very different than the crab you get on the West Coast. And I just really like that whole Eastern Shore feeling, the smell of the salt air. Go down and meet some older locals. Go find the men in the fishing hats, go hang with them and dangle your feet over the oldest rickety pier you can find and just listen to their stories. It’s some of the best storytelling.

Washington, DC
One of my favorite towns. I did 10 years of theatre there. Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company does some of the best theatre there and so does Arena Stage. Where else did I work? Washington Shakespeare Company. A lot of people think it’s a very conservative town because of government and politics, but often the arts and the arts community is in direct proportion to what it’s coming up against. There are amazing galleries and free museums too.

New York City
I love the Lower East Side and as much as it can be crowded and overwhelming, Union Square. I like the people watching and my friends and I, one of our favorite pastimes was looking at signage that clearly was translated perhaps incorrectly like. There used to be a card store on the south side of Union Square that was the Happy Fun Cry Gift Store. There’s one on the East Side called Robinson Explosion that’s a camping store, used to make me cry and laugh and everything at once. I don’t think there’s anything better to do than just walk around, and if you can do it in the fall because that’s the best.

Los Angeles
[When I moved here] I was like, I want to talk to people about what books they read not what party they got into. Well then, go to a book signing, go to a book reading. I went to shows at REDCAT . I went to see Margaret Kilgallen’s entire last installation, which was recreated posthumously. I don’t know if you know her. She’s Barry McGee’s late wife and they’re both two of the best graffiti-into-gallery artists. Look up her stuff. It’s amazing. You find out that there’s different pockets of people that are in tune with what you would like to do and talk about, and even people that are into acting and the performing arts for the same reasons you are as opposed to youth, fame and money, you know?

Atsugi, Japan
I went to kindergarten there. My dad was a special agent. Atsugi is near Tokyo, and I did dance with my sister in the Bon Odori Festival. Look up the Cherry Blossom Festivals and Bon Odori. It’s beautiful and there’s street vendors and parades and festivals. That’s some great people watching too. I loved it. I became obsessed with all things miniature there and I still am and so is my sister. The Japanese love to miniaturize everything. My babysitter and I built a full to-scale room inside one of my drawers because that’s what teenagers were doing at the time.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
So many outdoor locations that are the most beautiful… Tent Rocks is not far. Look it up. I swear… just look up even a picture of it. It’s surreal and I don’t overuse that word like everyone does. In this case I actually mean it’s surreal. The Bosque Trail. There’s just so many beautiful, beautiful outdoor sites and camping and hiking and biking. The food’s great. Order anything with green chilies. But it actually would be a really fun game to try to find something without green chilies. They put green chilies in everything: ice creams, donuts, eggs and breads. They have it in everything.