Chances are you’re not going to be carrying the Gerber Combat Fixed Knife ($154) into war anytime soon. Of course, not every battle is fought in a war zone, and for the everyday soldier—the outdoorsman, the handyman, the always-prepared—the CFB is just the kind of knife you’ll want at your side.

With a 4.2- inch high-carbon stainless steel blade mounted on a 5-inch handle, the CFB boasts excellent balance and tough construction. The serrated lower edge expands the blade’s cutting capabilities, while a rubberized outer handle and rounded pommel provide all the grip you’ll need. Couple that with a molded plastic sheath and you’ve got the perfect all-uses blade to carry into any task or adventure.

The CFB is manufactured in two versions, standard and military, though the second is only available to credentialed military personnel. See both of them at Gerber.