You can do everything from whittle to perform open-heart surgery with the multi-tool knives on the market today. But all you need is a compact unit that’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t, right? Enter the Gerber Fit. Just four inches long (that’s what she said??), it packs tweezers, scissors, a combo bottle opener/multi-head screwdriver, micro cross and flat screwdrivers and a blade with a sharp front and serrated back, so it can both cut and saw.

Legit beef: The little Phillips/flat screwdriver bit sits a little loose. We’d worry about losing it if it weren’t for the canvas storage sleeve. Illegit beef: It does not have pliers. But how many times have freakin’ pliers bailed you out of a jam?

Meanwhile, the stuff it does have comes up huge when camping, skiing or getting into knife fights at bars. I take it on every snowboarding trip and have adjusted bindings, clipped lift tickets, cut sandwiches and, of course, cracked beers. And I can’t lie, it made me look totally badass when the power went out in a Vermont ski house and I unleashed the coup de grace—a surprisingly powerful L.E.D. flashlight. I did not sleep alone that night.

I mean, my knife was right by my side.