Multi-tools have come equipped with the same basic lineup of components for years: knife, screwdriver, pliers, etc. Which is why the Gerber Steady—with its fold out camera tripod—is something of a game-changer, and a must-have for photographers on the go.

The Steady ($64) comes with all the standard components, too, including a 2.5 inch serrated knife, needle nose pliers and a fine-edge blade. A distinctly modern addition is the Steady’s suction-based cell phone mount, which screws onto the aforementioned camera tripod. The whole setup boasts a solid construction and a nice heft, all contained in a rubberized outer layer that provides the user with a firm grip.

Awesome features aside, the fact that this is a Gerber product means it’s a quality tool that’ll stand the test of time. Pick one up at