Headphones can be loud in more senses than one. You can opt for those tiny, barely noticeable earbuds that make you look like you’re waiting on orders from the Secret Service. Or, you can get a pair of headphones with some character.

These are headphones that looks cool and sets you apart from the other drones with their plain old standard-equipped iPod ones. Skullcandy, aptly named, is giving you the opportunity to put something sweet on your cranium with their new Skullcandy Ti Headphones.

With eight different styles designed for the true individual, the headphones do not quietly slip into the crowd; particularly the White-Fur style, which look like they belong on a 1970’s pimp. And who doesn’t want to look like a 1970’s pimp? And it’s not just the look; all of Skullcandy’s headphones are beyond comfortable and sound great. Each pair goes for $79.95 and can be bought here.