There are two things in life you should never leave home without. You’ll never know where and when you’ll need them. But, when the time comes, you’ll know and be glad you’ve got ‘em.

These two things are (1) a type of liquor of your choosing and (2) a deck of playing cards. There is no situation you can find yourself in that one or both of these things cannot get you out of. Except for maybe a meeting of the Alcoholic Gamblers Anonymous, in which case you’re ironically out of luck.

Unfortunately a deck of playing cards doesn’t fit in your wallet, and carrying around a handle of Tequila Ley doesn’t exactly mark you as the neighborhood’s classiest citizen. Luckily, you can now carry the two together in a tight, but stylish package. The Multi-Flask Card Carrier is made of faux suede and leather, and comes with a stainless steel flask. A front pocket fits a crisp new deck of cards perfectly, of which you will be supplied when purchasing the case and flask. The case costs $24.00 and can be bought here.