When you’re revamping your look, it helps to have a formula. (Nail the basics, then branch out.) But a quick survey of the Web reveals a frightening dearth of tools for fellas who give a damn about their presentation. Most of the offerings are high-fashion giblets fawning over haute-couture women’s apparel. And yet there are diamonds in the rough. Here are the seven best, guy-friendliest style apps available. Download ’em today.


Only the most thorough men’s style voice available in app form. The editors carefully sort through the noise from the #menswear world and bring you what’s relevant. They’ve also got intel on sales across the Web. Bonus: a nifty tool for keeping track of your measurements. Free

Mr. Porter Style Help

A robust combination of news, inspiration and shopping, Mr. Porter’s got suggestions based on the attire on iconic men from Truman Capote to Joe Frazier. Even better, you can use it to the order the looks you like right from your phone. Free

Cool Guy

Going straight from the office to the yacht but don’t have time to peruse your wardrobe for what to throw in your weekend bag? Adjust on the fly with a bird’s-eye view of your closet. Or, if you’re missing the right blazer, buy it through the app. Fortune favors the man who thinks ahead. Free


If the world of designer apparel is your jam, this is how you’re going to stay up on the latest martini summit between Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld. Free


The designers you’re keeping close tabs on with the Style.com app? Get their stuff here at ground-floor prices. Free

Shop Style

Here’s another handy tool for sniffing out designer discounts. Search by brand, size, color and price. What else do you need? Free

Mad Men Cocktail Culture

Yeah, it’s not directly about clothing. But Draper and friends dress well, and there can be just as much style in the way you swing a cocktail shaker as in how you fix your tie knot. $0.99