You know those sweet self-tying kicks Michael J. Fox wore in Back to The Future Part II? Well this week, you have the chance to look seriously (Mc)fly with the exclusive launch of 89 pairs of Nike Mags, which feature “Adaptive Fit” smart technology—the shoe senses the wearer’s foot and automatically adjusts.

Nike has teamed up with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help find the cure for Parkinson’s disease with this limited release. So how can you (possibly) score a pair? Through the digital buy-in lottery. Head to or log into the Nike+ app from now until October 11th and donate $10 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for one chance to win a pair. Oh, and there’s no limit on the amount of chances you can have to win—the more you donate, the more entries you get.

The best part? Absolutely 100 percent of the proceeds raised will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for research to help speed the development of a cure for Parkinson’s disease. So go on and donate for the chance to make your future—and that of many others—look a whole lot better.