The other day, we were thinking about what motivates guys to get in killer shape. Sure, Army Rangers and firefighters work out because their lives depend on it. And pro athletes hit the gym because their careers do. But what about those of us for whom success does not ride on being able to repeatedly bench 225? It’s a little trickier. And yet, for deep evolutionary/biological reasons, one thing that can always get a guy thinking about reversing his chest to abdomen ratio is, yeah, women. So we figured the best way for all of us to get rolling in 2011 would be to track down a female who’s got the, um, body of knowledge to get us psyched about fitness.

Which is why we’re proud to introduce our new fitness expert, Jennifer Nicole Lee! A best-selling author, bikini contest champ and seriously hot mom, JNL went from overweight to ogle-worthy through sheer heart and hustle. Now a certified personal trainer and fitness icon, she tells us, “I know what guys want — and I’ll give it to them — in my monthly Made Man posts!” Your first tip? Make it past the inspirational photo below. Then keep reading for her opening blast of advice. Soak up her enthusiastic wisdom, then check back next month for more amazing…words. And photos. Don’t worry, there will be photos.

February 2011: Beach Body Beginnings
OK, so it’s February already, right? January slipped right through our hands, like a big greasy fat burger! Whether you made New Year’s resolutions or not, you still have time on your side to get your beach body ready. And come on guys, us girls know the real reason why you keep your shirt on at the pool party — and it’s not because you don’t want to get sunburned! So here are the first four steps to take if you want to start turning heads – and melting hearts — this spring and summer.

1. Map It Out
You’ve got to know what your goals are before you even start working out. So take a full body photo of yourself (your “before” photo), tack it up next to your bathroom mirror, and study it. Then decide what you want. A bigger chest? Firmer abs? Less fat? Base your workout regimen on those objectives and create your plan of attack. Remember, if you fail to prepare, you just prepare to fail!

2. Clear Your Cabinets
Remember the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind?” Well, it holds true for your favorite junk foods, which are like triggers to eat every time you see them. So do this exercise: Get rid of all of the unhealthy food currently in your home and office, and replace it with healthy options. (Come on, you know what is good and what is not, Mr. Butterfinger.) The best way to not eat junk food is not to bring it into your home in the first place. Don’t buy it, and you won’t eat it.

3. Drink More Water
And no, light beer doesn’t count. Also stay away from the sugary stuff. It’s been shown that when you feel hungry throughout the day, your body is actually just dehydrated and isn’t actually craving food. So chug plenty of water (seriously, stash a big jug by your desk) and you’ll keep your binges at bay.

4. Think Yourself Fit
Lastly, dream about your hot new body. Yes, I said it — fantasizing is healthy! Visualize yourself with your best body ever, hanging out on the beach with the (equally fit) woman of your dreams. This mental exercise is powerful, as it will help evoke the positive emotions linked to your goals — and stoke your fitness fire into overdrive!

That’s all for now. Check back next month when we’ll dig into the details of designing a workout!


(Jennifer Nicole Lee’s most recent book is The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet, which is chock full of priceless health and wellness information. For more info, visit