Brad Pitt haircut

The season calls for a fresh ‘do, but warm weather doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go short—or look like every other dude walking out of the barbershop. “I like to stay away from trends,” says men’s groomer and celebrity stylist Kristan Serafino (, who has tamed the tresses of Matthew McConaughey, Norman Reedus and Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, she recommends thinking about what length and style works best for you and your lifestyle. If you’re thinning on top, get regular trims so your sides don’t grow out; if you hate spending time on your hair, don’t ask your stylist for Brad Pitt’s pompadour. “Take into consideration the type and texture of hair you have, and what’s going to look good with your face shape,” says Serafino. Here are four looks she recommends this season, ranging from supershort to below the shoulders.


Channing Tatum
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The Buzz Cut
As seen on: Channing Tatum
Short all around, this style is good for active, no-fuss guys who just want to shower and get out the door. If you’re going short for the first time since winter, or if your hair is receding strongly, Serafino suggests wearing sunblock on your scalp the first few times you’re out in the sun. Try an SPF moisturizer like URTH Skin Solutions for Men, which you can use on both your face and scalp.


Brad Pitt haircut
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High and tight
As seen on: Brad Pitt
Long on top and tight on the sides, you’ll be able to stay cool with this Mad Men inspired do while retaining some length and texture to play with. You can flip it back, sidepart it, tease it up messily or pompadour it with some Layrite Pomade. Just be sure to get a trim every 4–6 weeks to keep it looking sharp.


Adrian Grenier

Loose curls
As seen on: Adrian Grenier
Summer’s humidity brings the dreaded frizz, but wavy or curly guys don’t always have to go short to avoid the halo effect. Serafino says it’s all about using the right products to tame the curl, especially cream-based, moisturising ones. She recommends Moroccanoil® Hydrating Styling Cream, which smooths frizz but keeps those corkscrews looking and feeling soft.


David Beckham

Pulled back
As seen on: David Beckham
If your hair falls past your shoulders, it’s all about keeping the ends healthy, especially if you swim a lot in the summer. Condition regularly and trim your locks every 8–12 weeks; while you’re at it, ask the stylist to put some longer layers in to create a bit of movement. To add a bit of edge to your ponytail, Serafino suggests looping it halfway instead of all the way through the band to create the samurai-style knot that was spotted on a number of Fall Fashion Week runways. And switch to Cyndibands, which are gentler and cause less breakage than regular hairties.