There are some days when it’s not okay to lay on the couch all day, nursing a hangover. For instance, if you’re supposed to be married that day. Or, better, if your buddies are relying on your killer jumpshot. Or another party.

So it would be nice if the people in charge of science had some sort of emergency summit and discussed the thing that’s been plaguing man longer than… well, the plague: the Hangover. Unfortunately, this isn’t at the top of their list these days (we hear AIDS, boner pills and cancer are what science’s big guns are shooting for), but luckily, author and bartender Ben Reed decided to fight the good fight for us with his new book “Hangover Cures”.

The 64-page book explains the causes of hangovers, how to prevent them, and remedies from around the world to help you stop dry heaving into your bathroom sink. These are tried and true recipes from a veteran bartender who has been featured in “GQ”, and author of the book “The Art of the Cocktail.” This guy knows his stuff. So there is no need to spend another Sunday suffering. Pick up the book for $10 and make all the pain go away.