You are about to be bombarded with the new Gillette Fusion ads on everything you watch. The Superbowl, Letterman, Lost, and tens of other shows. I think it will say something like this. “The future is here, now with 1230 blades for the closest shave” The biggest scam in the marketplace are blades. I already wrote a story on why I think this, but it’s obvious. Gillette was the reason Procter and Gamble had good earnings. Blades were the reason Gillette did so well. In order to keep these numbers high they need to come up with some marketing plan to convince you that another blade added on is going to change your world and you need to spend more on that than the rest of your hygene products combined. You want to impress me Gillette? You want to change my world? Come up with razor that lasts all year. I didn’t think so. Don’t fall for the marketing stay with your old blade.