I can’t turn on the TV anymore without seeing stories and opinions on immigration. I think the stories are without merit or thoughtless on both sides. We have a problem, no doubt, but it is so big it can not be solved quickly or with hasty legislation. Mexicans make up a huge part of our manual labor force in this country. To shut that off would kill corporate America. The Mexican community is what keeps the US competitive in my opinion. They work hard for a fair wage and are willing to start at the bottom and earn their way up. I am proud to work side by side with a person from Mexico because they care. They want that job and want to do it well. It is a refreshing change of pace from the constant lack of interest or indifference in the workforce that usually applies for the more labor intensive work that is often hard to fill. People make a ignorant assumption that these jobs are filled at minimum wage most of the time but this is not always true. I have noticed that the Mexican community has steadily moved from the agriculture industry into the construction and manufacturing industry. The reason they are taking away jobs is because corporate America is tired of being raped by people thinking they should be making $17 an hour for a job that can easily done by someone with no education for $12 an hour. A salary should be paid according to the skill required to complete the task. You may add a little to the pay for time served and loyalty. These are worth paying more for but there is a ceiling. I believe we could actually track immigrants if we could offer a way for them to enter this country legally. The problem is their is no legal way for them to try a become a US citizen. The present way is slow and almost impossible to actually get a work visa. Though this is not possible, sometimes I feel it would be easier if we would just incorporate Mexico into the United States. We are gradually blending together anyway. One big country. It is not as impossible as it seems. They get our currency and stablility and we get the oil. One happy family. This rant is exactly that, a rant, and like the news is not well thought out. I just felt is was important to point out that Mexicans are a problem but at least they want to be here and work. They are not on welfare or asking for a handout because they can’t get it anyway. Yes we provide free education and many times free healthcare but we give that to millions of American citizens who are making no attempt to work. I am glad though to see the new Guest Worker program proposal, this could actually work.