There are mountain bikes that climb great, cross-country great, and downhill great, but rarely does a single ride dominate in all three phases. Until now. The Giant Reign 0 is an all-terrain terror. A lightweight aluminum frame teams with six inches of cushy travel and top-line Shimano and Fox components to tackle anything the trail throws at you. Best of all is the Contact Switch seat post, which frees you from stopping to adjust seat height before plunging into a killer descent. It lets you raise and lower your saddle on the fly as easily as if you were braking or shifting gears.

the giant contact switch seat post lets you raise and lower your saddle on the fly

Yes, this badass beast will run you four large, but that’s nothing when you consider how impressed all the spandex-clad biker bunnies will be when they see you crushing it like Giant-sponsored world downhill champ Danny Hart below. OK, maybe not quite like that—and do you really want hysterical British men losing their sh** over you—but we can all dream, can’t we? Climb aboard here.