Gibbs high speed amphibious technology has been in development for more than seven years, and has been adapted to many vehicles including (but not limited to) a sports car, a Hummer, and an ATV. The military has used their amphibious technology to keep their troops mobile across land and sea, but you can, too! For a (somewhat high) price you can get rid of either your boat or your car. Certainly, you won’t need a trailer anymore with these 3, real-life land-and-water vehicles.


The nice thing about the Quadski is that you need no other equipment and no other people to make this jet ski experience happen. No trailers involved. Just drive your quad to the nearest body of water-that-needs-thrashing and hit the gas. Touted as the World’s First High Speed Personal Sports Amphibian.

It’s still in development to a degree, though there are several working prototypes. As a result, there isn’t much specific information on it, but Gibbs does say it can reach 50mph on both land and water.


The Humdinga is the Hummer-flavored version of their HSA technology. It’s been around for a little longer, and has proudly served both civilian, professional, and militaristic ends on land and water. It seats 5 and is powered by a 350 horsepower engine which propels it up to 100 mph on the road, and 40 mph on the water.

The Aquada

The Aquada is the sportier version of the three amphibious vehicles, and shares the same HSA technology as the other models, but based on a convertible sports car.  It, too, can achieve 100 mph on the road, and 30 mph on the water.  But, more importantly, it’s powerful enough to pull a waterskier.  Head to Gibbstech to check out their fleet now.