Holiday shopping can be a nightmare—you’ve probably got a list of a whole lot of people in your life, and little clue as to what in the world to gift them. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but that thinking is the hard part.

We’ve taken it out of the equation for you with ideas for everyone you need to cover in your family. As for your quirky friends, well, those guys are up to you.

Take a gander…

1. Stardust Sunglasses for Mom (John Varvatos, $260): 
These 1970s British rock scene-inspired sunglasses are ideal for the mother looking to relive her glory days. They’ve got a minimalist round silhouette and juxtaposed polarized mirrored lenses, so she doesn’t have to try so hard to look the part.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.06.52 AM
2. Slowcooker for Dad (BLACK + DECKER, $35):
For the busy dad, this slowcooker is a lifesaver. He can connect it to his home WiFi network and use his phone to set times and temperatures, and to start and stop cooking so he can get dinner ready before he even leaves the office.

3. Gillette Justice League Limited Edition Pack for Your Brother (Gillette, $10-$15):
 The brother who is looking to finally shave off that No-Shave November beard will appreciate this gift pack full of all the razors and shave creams he’ll need to look human again. This isn’t just the best a man can get; it’s the best a superhero can get. And he needs that kind of supernatural help right now.

4. Retro Style 2-Slice Toaster for Your Sister (Russell Hobbs, $80):
For the sister who’s on that avocado toast kick, consider getting her something to make her favorite, simple lunch a whole lot, well, simpler: a toaster. This one features a countdown timer that shows precisely how much time remains on the toasting cycle, so she can’t screw it up, and the variable browning control ranges from one (light) to six (dark) to satisfy all preferences. Throw in some avocados and she’ll appreciate it even more—those things are expensive these days.

5. An Electric Spiralizer for Your Mother-in-Law (BLACK + DECKER, $40):
So your MIL is on a health kick and she’s attempting a no-carb diet or decided to take a crack at that Whole30 thing. Get her this electric spiralizer so she won’t have to give up spaghetti—yes, zucchini noodles are a thing. This one includes thin noodle, thick noodle, ribbon noodle, thin slice, thick slice and wavy slice blades, and the ontinuous chute means no capacity limits, so she can go crazy.

6. A Bottle of Chivas Regal Ultis for Your Father-in-Law (Chivas, $200):
Get your FIL a gift you can enjoy with him. He’s always wanting to spend quality time with you, so why not crack open a bottle of Chivas—particularly one that pays tribute to the past, present and tradition of the whiskey brand. This one uses five of the brand’s most precious signature malts united to embody the mix of modern and classic luxury.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.09.58 AM
7. Benson Frames for Grandma (RAEN, $165): 
Make sure grandma keeps killing it by updating her eyeglass frames. These round-wire Benson glasses from RAEN feature a flat profile with monoblock hinges, a coin-edged rim around the lens and lightweight metal temples so grandma will look fly while sticking to the classics. They’re not necessarily intended for grandmas… and that’s the exact reason you should get them for your grandma.

8. Some Good Socks for Grandpa (Bombas, $14): 
Bombas is known as “the fashionable sock company with a philanthropic mission.” The company brings awareness to the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters: socks. For every pair of Bombas socks purchased, one pair is donated. In fact, they’ve donated more than five million already. And, just recently, they launched Bombas Cushioned No Shows. They’re super comfortable and they’ll help your grandpa, who keeps putting on mismatched, beat-up socks.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.10.32 AM
9. Glasses for the Girlfriend Who Loves to Read (Liingo, $129):
These Singleton glasses from Liingo’s Ernest Hemingway Collection are inspired by Harry Potter. While it took fashion houses over a decade to put a fashionable twist on those extreme round spectacles, famous faces like Emily Ratajkowski and Johnny Depp have popularized the frame. These are impact resistant with DuraSeal Anti-Reflective and Scratch-Resistant coating, and the metal frames are wrapped in acetate to add color and depth for the woman in your life who loves Quidditch as much as she loves you.

10. Sleep Shots for Yourself (Dream Water, $35):
OK, you’re probably wiped from holiday shopping, but the stress of the season is still keeping you up at night. Dream Water’s Sleep Shot 12 Pack is your friend. The brand’s proprietary SleepStat™ Natural Blend includes three natural ingredients: GABA to help you relax, Melatonin to help induce sleep and 5-HTP to help improve the quality of sleep. It’s natural, has zero calories and is going to get you through the rest of the holiday season. You’re almost there, pal.

Photo: Getty Images/Tijana87