Whether you’ve got kids, are a rich kid, or are just a kid at heart, there’s something ridiculously attractive about the idea of putting a gigantic gumball machine in your house. The excess is both luxurious and ludicrous. 

The best part about it, too, is that the mechanism used to dispense the gumballs is purposefully clanky. It’s called the Beaver mechanism, and it’s the same zinc-machined coin mechanism used in the original machines from the 60s. The difference, of course, is that this 85’’ high monster is like the steroid-juiced up version of those clunky old machines. 

While it doesn’t require any coins to operate – you just turn the crank and out comes the gum – it will require a significant number of quarters to purchase and have it delivered to your home. It can be had for $3,900 (plus $350 shipping) from Hammacher Schlemmer. [Buy it]