Sure they can. I don’t care how much money I make trading, I will continue to be mystified by the amount of money I spend on razor blades. I feel like I was saving money at Sam’s Club on blades but I am forced to buy a 100 pack for $250 (exaggeration). I have heard if you leave your blade in some type of oil or something it will last 10 times longer. There are other “tricks” I’m sure but come on, there has to be some scientist bound and gagged holding the technology for the “good” blades. I was at a party 15 years ago talking to a rep for one of the blade companies that said they had the technology to make a better blade but nobody wanted to because of the hundreds of millions of dollars the blade sales represented. Someone needs to come out a break this cycle. Why can’t Kyocera come out with a ceramic blade? I know it’s possible and the sales would be huge. The picture to the side was a prototype was developed by Ross Lovegrove but never made it to market. He claimed it lasted 100 times longer. What am I missing here? Why couldn’t that make it to market. I hate an electric razor so that is not even an option. There are many other people that share my same feelings. During the winter I try to not shave. I am a nurseryman and trader so I really don’t have to shave very often. As a matter of fact I fit the roles much better if I let the stubble go a couple of days extra. It saves me a little on blades but eventually I have to shave. A guy here tested the blades against an old fashioned safety razor and found that they shaved about the same just a bit faster. So I’m not going to the safety razor because of that and because I don’t know if you have seen one , but they don’t look that “safe”. I may look into this and create my own blade with the industrial ceramic blades you can buy. I’ll keep you informed on this. You may be buying stock in my ceramic razor company soon.