Gillette gets in on the sports sponsorship game by sponsoring this Zamboni at a Boston Bruins hockey game.

With the Bruins having a decent season, and going on to the playoffs, it looked like their ‘silky smooth ice’ may have been the advantage.

Unfortunately, the Bruins lost in the first round to the Montreal Canadiens, who went a little over the top with their celebrations.

It’s all about raking in that sweet advertising money and according to Darren Rovell, our favorite and only sports business reporter at CNBC, this is the “Coolest sports sponsorship around” (emphasis on ‘cool’):

“It’s very cutting edge,” said Amy Latimer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Bruins and the TD Banknorth Garden. “And the amazing thing is it really looks like the razor is shaving the ice.”

I commend Amy Latimer for referring to this razor promotion as ‘cutting edge’, she must have a degree in marketing from somewhere prestigious. But her observation as to ‘the amazing thing’ about this promotion strikes me as not true. Pretty clearly it’s the zamboni that’s ‘shaving’ the ice rather than the promotional plastic razor.

My sports promotion idea is to get Rita’s Ices to sponsor a Zamboni, and make italian ices/ water ices out of the gross dirty ice the machine scoops up. The kids will love it!

What’s with this shaving promotion at a hockey playoff game anyway? Aren’t all those NHL guys supposed to be growing their playoff beards?

CNBC Sports Biz: Coolest Sponsorship Around, May 8, 2008