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Lots of guys think they know how to kiss a woman, but the truth is, only a very small percentage really know how to do it right. But don’t worry—it’s not very difficult. Follow our tips and learn the tricks of the trade. You’ll be kissing your girl passionately, making her beg for more in no time!

Make sure your lips are soft and smooth.  For some reason, guys don’t think they need to pay attention to their lips like girls do. But that is so not the case! Exfoliate your lips lightly with your toothbrush and keep them hydrated with Chapstick throughout the day. Hey, girls want to kiss something smooth, too-not rough and hard!


Make sure it’s the right moment. Don’t expect her to kiss you back if you’re in the corner of a crowded, smelly bus or subway. Pick a romantic spot and wait for her to look at you longingly (every girl has a “kiss me” face) before you kiss her. Chivalry is never dead.


Minimize the distance between the both of you, especially at the hips. The closer you two are, the more passionate the kiss will be. The distance between your hips is inversely proportional to the intensity of the kiss. It’ll also let her run her fingers through your hair and navigate herself.


Set the mood with a good tune. It is always fun when a guy puts on a sexy song, perhaps slow and sexy “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak, or an upbeat song like “Electric Feel” by MGMT to get you in the mood for a smooch.


Try your best to taste good! This also includes having good breath. Brush your teeth before you plan to kiss her. If you’ve just eaten, make sure you have a couple of breath mints, or some gum beforehand. Nobody wants to taste the leftover cheeseburger on your tongue. A minty-fresh kiss is just so much sexier.


Start slow and steady. Don’t force yourself on her all of a sudden. When it’s the right moment, advance slowly so she knows it’s coming and gently press your lips to hers. Nobody wants to be ambushed by somebody’s face smushed on theirs. Start with slow, soft pecks then take it up a notch when you feel her begging for it.


Use just the right amount of tongue. We know this part may seem a little tricky, but once you master using your tongue at the right moment, you’ll be an expert kisser. Do not shove it down her throat like a madman. Gently slide your tongue between her lips and massage your tongue on hers. Do this for only a few seconds, and pull your tongue back. Let her come for it this time.


Take breaks. Take a couple breathers in between kisses. Look into her eyes (not at her breasts) before you resume kissing her. Not only will it give both of you time to catch your breath, but it will make her feel special.


Know when to slow down. It is not sexy when a man starts trying to have sex when you’ve just started kissing. Instead of trying your best to get off her bra and panties, focus on her lips. Know when you’ve been making out for a while and when it’s time to continue the date.


Don’t be distant after the kiss is over. Show her you are happy you kissed her and that she means something to you. Be a little touchy-feely. It’s all right if you don’t like PDA—just hold her hand or walk with your arm around her. That’ll show her you care and you want her close.