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Different types of women like different types of sex-that’s a fact. It’s not always easy to suggest a basic all-purpose list of sex tips that will work in any situation. The good news for clueless guys is that there are still three basic categories in which heeding the sex advice from girls on girls can help you get ahead in the bedroom.

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Cleanliness and Grooming. This should be a no brainer, but many men are oblivious or just plain misinformed. Yes, women find you attractive when you are all hot, sweaty and dirty after work, particularly if you fit the common female fantasy stereotypes like a construction worker or fireman. However, stinky is never good, and if you try to bed us down without freshening up first, you’re not likely to get very far. And don’t try to “cover up” with cologne! That’s even worse. Straight out of the shower is the best time to get the best lovin’. If she knows every inch of you is clean, she’ll be more likely to taste every inch of you. Simply put, you get clean, and we get dirty.

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Foreplay. Don’t even think about skipping it. I mean you can, I guess, if you want to hurl yourself at a dry and non-responsive vessel that can’t wait to get it over with. Women need to be coaxed into passionate acts of carnage cleverly disguised as romantic interludes. Sure, you can flip her over and ravage her like a caveman, and she’ll love it, but only after you’ve caressed, fondled, tweaked and “moistened” all her areas that need tending to. If you want her to behave like a tramp, you have to behave like a gentleman.

female orgasm.jpg

Female orgasms. The truth is, not all of them are gushers. Most guys get excited at the utter thought of hooking up with a “squirter”, but what many fail to recognize is that the female orgasm is far more than a splish-splash splattering of bodily fluids. Technically, a female organism is the involuntary body movements that occur when just the right combination of stimulation is present. So if she suddenly rolls her eyes back in her head, her muscles flex and contract, and she trembles and quivers as if in the throws of a full-on epileptic fit, that’s an orgasm. You don’t have to wait for the white water rapids to begin. Whatever you are doing, you’re doing it right!