There was a time when a round bed was something of a joke.  It was a tacky relic that brought to mind cringe-worthy, grainy film of Studio 54.  Thankfully, those days are over.

It’s possible that the name of this bed, Le Histoire, is intentionally ironic.  But whatever their intentions, it’s appropriate.  The bed simultaneously evokes the minimalist lines of a bygone era which was contrasted the social audacity of the age.  Now you can curl up, sleep, read, or do…whatever…in that same design.

The bed comes in two sizes, but you’d be a fool to get anything smaller than the 95’’- wide version.  It has the ability to spin either mechanically (you pushing it) or through an electric device you’d add yourself after market. 

It’s imported from Italy, and it’s literally delivered with white gloves to your door.  This will likely set you back around $13,000, but you can call them for a custom estimate.

Failing that, you could always just search “round bed” on Google Shopping.  If you do that, though, be careful not to buy a round bed intended for pets.  Trust us, it’s embarassing. [Buy it]