It is such a contradiction. It’s OK to go to almost any state and gamble on a boat or Indian Casino. It’s OK to play the lottery. It’s OK to go play the ponies or the dogs. Yet it is ILLEGAL to go play poker online. There should be a bet at an online casino which will come first of the two most ridiculous things in sports. The College Football Playoffs or legal online gaming. Both are a result of people being stubborn. The anti-gambling bill is coming up for its yearly vote and here comes the misinformation from the politicians. Nate Anderson states it pretty well. “Gambling is bad. That’s why the act only outlaws it when it takes place across state lines. When kept within state boundaries, it’s apparently not so bad, and the bill does nothing to limit the rights of states to authorize gambling within their borders. As such, it seems bizarrely inconsistent and points up the contradictions in current US law as it applies to gambling. If the goal is stop money from being lost and laundered to shady outfits based in Antigua, then why is Internet gambling banned within the US as well? If the goal is to save citizens from addictive behaviors, then why do legal commercials run on my TV every night encouraging me to come to Vegas or drive down the road thirty minutes to Aurora?” Everything about the bill is contradictory and is ludicrous in every way. Why not tax it and regulate it? Here’s one more BIG problem with the bill, it will put the US on a collision course with the WTO, which has ruled that the the US “must not block online gambling sites based overseas.” If the bill passes, the US would be subject to WTO sanctions come April for not bringing its laws into compliance with the WTO ruling. Something has got to give and if anyone does I hope it’s college football with that playoff thing