Somebody at Apple is in big, big trouble. The wired-up sleuths over at Gizmodo have an exclusive hands-on with the thus far officially unannounced next generation iPhone. It was left by a careless (drunk?) Apple employee in a bar in Redwood, CA, and was even housed in a customized case that made it look, from afar, like the iPhone 3G. Apple clearly wanted to keep this under wraps for longer than they did. Oops. 

Unfortunately, Apple remotely disabled the phone almost immediately, but Gizmodo was able to mess around with iTunes, see its functionality when connected to a laptop, and completely disassemble it to get a look at the hardware. The result is a surprisingly thorough look at a prototype that was almost bricked by the time they got it. 

Front-facing camera with flash

This will obviously allow for video conferencing with other phones featuring front-facing lenses like the Windows 7 phone. Also, the addition of a flash seems a no-brainer considering the fanboy outrage over the lack of it in previous generations. 

New screen

Gizmodo doesn’t say for sure, but they suggest that the new screen is that of the 940×640 resolution screen rumored to be the aim of the new iPhone. They never got it past the iTunes screen, but it seems like a logical move forward

New square body

The biggest change to the look of the iPhone is a completely redesigned chassis. Gone are the curves of the plastic-backed old iPhone and here are the straight lines, metal casing and seems of, as Gizmodo accurately characterized it, “a Braun product from the 70s.”

Check out the video below to get a sense of what it looks like in the wild, then head to Gizmodo for more